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When Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Construction Workers in New Jersey

If you are a construction worker in New Jersey, you’re more exposed to injury than workers in other fields. Construction workers in New Jersey are, therefore, entitled to be compensated if they’re injured in the course of working. However, you must understand when you’re entitled to such compensation and when you’re not. Perhaps, you just got injured at work, and you’re expecting to be compensated only for you to be denied on what you think is your right. Now, you want to know what your workers’ compensation covers as a construction worker in New Jersey. Knowing this will help you to know when you are entitled to be compensated, and in the absence of such compensation, you can proceed to hire a workers compensation attorney. Maybe your employer already explained the reason for the denial, but you still need further confirmation. Hence, if you’re a construction worker in New Jersey, in the course of any of the following, you’re entitled to a workers’ compensation.

Your Employment Status

If you’re a construction worker in New Jersey, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation. However, “independent contractors” are not entitled to such payment. There are construction workers who are classified as employees, and there are those who are not. Therefore, you need to know under which category you fall. Now, how do you know whether, as a construction worker, you’re classified as an employee or not? If social security services taxes are being removed from your paychecks, and at the end of the year, you get a W-2, then you’re classified as an employee. Therefore, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation. If, on the other hand, you don’t receive W-2, but instead you get 1099, then you are not an employee but an independent contractor. In New Jersey, independent contractors are not entitled to workers’ Compensation.

It Covers All Job-related Illnesses And Injuries

If you’re entitled to workers’ compensation, you should be compensated whenever you’re injured at work, or you fall sick. As long as the injury occurred at your workplace or while you’re on an official duty even off your workplace, then you’re entitled to compensation.

You Are Entitled To A Compensation Whether Your Injury Is Temporary Or Permanent

It doesn’t matter whether your injury is temporary or permanent; as long as you’re a construction worker in New Jersey, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation. While some construction-related injuries will heal within a short term if they get quality medical treatment, some may be permanent. However, some construction workers think they are not supposed to demand their compensation because their injury is not life-threatening. Nevertheless, it is your right to be compensated whether the injury is life-threatening or not.
If you fall under the categories explained above, and your workers’ compensation is still denied, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire a workers’ compensation attorney.
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