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Workers’ compensation is designed for workers, but there are some significant benefits available to employers as well. Unfortunately, some employers and their insurance companies try to take advantage of the system by paying as little as possible to their workers when they are injured. This can sometimes mean denying claims that should be compensable or paying you less than what you deserve.

It is in those situations that a workers’ compensation lawyer is the most beneficial. A workers’ comp lawyer can help you get the benefits that you deserve by helping with the following issues.

Making Sure You Get What You Deserve After Your Work Injury

When you have been injured at work, you often have to deal with expensive medical services and time off from work. If your employer or their insurance company denies your claim, dealing with the loss of income and added expenses can put serious strain on your finances and your family.

The most difficult part about dealing with a work injury is knowing what this injury is going to cost you in the long run. It is tempting to take whatever the insurance company is willing to give you right after your injury because your bills are mounting.

Unfortunately, the first settlement offer from an insurance company is often far less than what your injuries will end up costing you in the future.

A workers’ compensation attorney can help you determine what kind of hit your budget is going to take because of this injury. He or she can also help you get enough to cover potential lost income or medical costs in the future.

Getting You to the Right Doctors

Your employer or their insurance company likely uses very specific medical professionals for your health needs. These doctors are also likely very experienced and seasoned, but ultimately, they work for the insurance company, so they may not have the most bias-free diagnosis for you.

Your workers’ compensation lawyer can get you into see another doctor that likely has less of an agenda and can help you get the care that you need.

Finding the right doctor on your own can be difficult because many health care professionals will refuse to deal with the red tape often involved in a workers’ compensation case.

Getting Permanent Benefits

If you are unable to work at all after your injury, then you will likely be entitled to permanent total disability benefits. However, many employers will fight aggressively to avoid this type of payment. That is because they may have to pay you weekly benefits for the rest of your life, which can be a large expense.

In some situations, you may also be able to get this payout right away, and your workers’ compensation lawyer can help you with that process.

Other Important Benefits

There are numerous situations where having a workers’ compensation attorney is just a good idea. One of the major perks is that your attorney can talk to your employer and their insurance company for you.

Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes do not take employees and their injuries seriously until they have legal representation.

Working with a workers’ compensation attorney is important in other situations, which can include:

  • Situations where your case may involve a third party (such as a contractor or in a car accident)
  • Your benefits are late or are not comparable to your average weekly wage
  • You must undergo surgery or another type of medical procedure that makes you unable to work for a period of time
  • Your employer attempts to terminate you because of your injury
  • You receive social security benefits or have applied for benefits
  • The insurance company has denied your claim completely

Generally, any time that you miss work for more than a few days or you need to have surgery, having a workers’ compensation lawyer is a good idea.

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