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What Should I Do If I Am Injured At Work?

Injured at WorkWhether you are a construction worker or work in an office, if you are injured at work, immediately report the accident to your employer and seek medical treatment from an employer authorized doctor.

When you get injured at work there are actions you need to take, as soon as possible, which are required by New Jersey Workers Compensation, our state’s program that provides for paid medical treatment, temporary disability payments, wage replacement and permanent disability compensation to employees who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses, and death benefits to dependents of workers who have died as a result of their employment.

The goal is to complete these actions required to substantiate a claim for Workers Compensation so that your claim is well supported and is not subject to challenge merely because you did not follow the rules.

Follow these rules when you are injured at work:

Note: If you are severely injured, call an ambulance or go to the local hospital emergency room immediately. Retain copies of any medical reports.

  1. Notify your employer as soon as possible. To protect your rights and receive benefits as quickly as possible, do not delay in reporting work-related injuries. Notice may be given to your employer, supervisor, human resources or anyone in authority at the employer’s place of business.
  2. If you are so severely injured that you cannot contact your employer, ask another employee to assist you. If no one is available, try to call the police.
  3. Fill out an incident/accident report as soon as possible. Your employer should provide this paperwork. If your employer doesn’t provide a report an attorney can help you complete one. Notice does not have to be in writing, but it is beneficial to document your incident. If there are witnesses, note that so their statements can be included in the report.
  4. Ask for medical treatment as soon as possible. If you need medical attention, apart from going to the ER, you need to obtain all your medical treatment from physicians pre-authorized by the workers compensation insurance carrier or you may get stuck paying for the medical bills.
  5. Ask your employer for medical attention at the time you are hurt. Retain copies of any medical reports.  In the event your employer denies treatment you should contact an attorney.

The New Jersey Workers Compensation law is complex and not all accident claims are covered by Workers Compensation. There are many instances, which may cause you to be disqualified from these benefits, but they depend on the facts surrounding your particular accident.

That is why talking to a lawyer who specializes in NJ Workers’ Comp laws will only benefit you.

At Schibell Law Firm, we specialize in Worker’s Compensation claims. We inform and educate our clients about the system, how long their specific case may take and the potential risks and benefits involved at every stage of their workers’ comp litigation.

If you need help, don’t wait! Contact us immediately for a free evaluation of your Workers Compensation Claim.


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