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Understanding the Different Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits


Every state handles workers’ compensation a little differently, which is why it’s so important for employees to take the time to learn more about their local laws. Below we break down the different workers’ compensation benefits available in the state of New Jersey and what an employee needs to do in order to qualify for these benefits. If you are owed these benefits and you aren’t getting them, you should contact a worker’s compensation attorney for help getting the benefits you deserve. Learn more about the benefits you’re owed so you know exactly what sort of help you should be getting.

The Medical Benefits

Medical benefits are provided to cover any reasonable medical costs associated with injuries that occurred at work. If a worker is hurt while performing his or her job, they will have their expenses paid for by the company. The employer has the authority to choose the medical providers for the injured employee and typically works alongside a workers compensation insurer to provide this coverage.

What are Temporary Total Benefits

When an employee is out of work for more than a full week due to workplace injuries, they can often qualify for temporary total benefits. This is a payment of approximately 70% of the worker’s normal wage. The payment is made retroactively from the first day the worker misses out on work because of the injuries. This amount must be above the state-mandated minimum and below the mandated maximum amount. These benefits must continue until the worker fully recovers and goes back, has recovered as much as they are capable of, or they’ve been out of work for 400 weeks.

Receiving Permanent Partial Benefits

If a worker is permanently injured in a workplace accident, they can receive a perpetual payment that’s proportional to the level of their injury incurred. If they lose approximately 50% of their functionality due to the injury, they would receive 50% of full compensation payments.

Qualifying for Permanent Total Benefits

Permanent total benefits are paid to workers that are disabled so much they cannot obtain employment because of workplace injuries. The amount paid out by worker’s compensation insurance is 70% of the worker’s median wage at the company for an initial period of 450 weeks. After the first 450 weeks, the worker must prove they are still too disabled to get a job, and then they will qualify to receive additional payments from the company.

The Purpose of Death Benefits

Death Benefits are paid to the dependents of an employee that’s killed because of a workplace accident. If this occurs, the family is entitled to $3,500 to help towards funeral costs as well as 70% of the employee’s wages on a weekly basis.

No Fault Workers Compensation

In the state of New Jersey employees benefit from “No-Fault” worker’s compensation. This means they don’t have to prove their injuries were caused by a mistake made by the employer. In other words, if an employee is injured while on the job in New Jersey, they automatically qualify for one form of workers’ compensation thanks to this law.

Hopefully, this explains the purpose of the different types of workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey. For more information about New Jersey worker’s compensation see https://www.schibelllaw.com/workers-compensation-attorney-new-jersey/ for answers to questions and also legal representation.

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