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Truck Driver InjuriesCommercial truck drivers are on the roads of New Jersey every day. Many truck drivers stay on the road for long hours, during bad weather, and often while hauling toxic or harmful material.

There are many on-the-job hazards that truck drivers must contend with, and accidents do happen that may keep them off the job for several weeks, months, or even permanently. In these cases, injured or sick truck drivers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits that cover medical expenses and lost wages.

Contrary to popular belief, not all truck drivers are to blame for their accidents and injuries. On many occasions, truck driver accidents are due to negligence from other motorists or by the truck driver’s employer. However, even if truck drivers are responsible for the injuries they suffered in a truck accident, they are likely still eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey.

At Schibell Law, LLC, Our New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorneys are Here to Help

The job of a truck driver is demanding and can take a toll on them mentally and physically. When a devastating and severe accident occurs on the job, the New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys at Schibell Law will fight for the rights of an injured truck driver and help him or her obtain the workers’ compensation benefits he or she needs.

If an injury is so severe that it ends a truck driver’s career, the attorneys at Schibell Law know how to help truck drivers get the additional benefits they are entitled to receive.

Common Types of Injuries for Truck Drivers

There are a nuber of injuries to which truck drivers are expecially succeptible:

  • Slips and falls while getting in and out of the truck
  • Repetitive motion or stress injuries from driving long distances
  • Strain injuries incured while loading and unloading cargo from the truck
  • Injuries incurred when struck by objects
  • Injuries incurred from exposure to hazardous chemicals or toxins

Many job-related injuries that truck drivers experience may manifest slowly over the course of years and cause chronic occupational diseases. These may affect the neck, back, spinal cord, or other parts of the body and may lead to permanent disability.

Deadlines and Statute of Limitations Involving Truck Driver Injuries

If a truck driver has been hurt in a New Jersey trucking accident, he or she must notify the employer of the injuries within 14 days. However, in some cases, the truck driver may have up to 90 days to report the injury.

All New Jersey work injury claims should be filed within two years of the incident. If a truck driver suffers from an occupational disease, he or she has up to two years to file a claim starting from the time the nature of the condition was discovered. The New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys at Schibell Law can assist you in the process of filing your claim on time.

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If you are a truck driver who has suffered an on-the-job injury or occupational illness, contact Schibell Law, LLC today. You do not have to suffer and bear the burden alone. Our experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys can answer your questions and explain your options, so you can get the compensation you are entitled to by law. Call or contact us online to request your free consultation today.

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