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Truck Accidents are Becoming More Frequent on New Jersey Highways

New Jersey residents have plenty of reason to celebrate: we have a storied history, more diners than any other location in the world and countless singers and celebrities hail from the Garden State. However, our state’s traffic is egregiously bad. A recent report issued by TRIP, a nationwide transportation research non-profit group, states local traffic is set to spike with an increase in the number of tractor-trailers hauling goods across state highways. The report anticipates a 93% spike in freight value transported by New Jersey trucks in the next 30 years or so. When converted into cargo weight, this spike represents an increase of 54%.

Prepare for Increasingly Challenging Traffic

The TRIP report also states New Jersey is the worst state for bottle-necked traffic. The intersection of SR 4 and I-95 in Fort Lee has more bottlenecks than anywhere else. The frequency of big rigs on the road will hike in the near future partially because Amazon is becoming that much more prominent. Customers are using the web for internet shopping more now than ever before, making it more important for items ordered to be delivered in a timely manner. Shoppers will demand even faster delivery of goods as time progresses. Furthermore, the population continues to grow, meaning that many more items will be ordered on the web and delivered by trucks. Even if you do not mind an increase in traffic, the fact that our state’s highway infrastructure is falling apart is a major problem.

The fore-mentioned TRIP report is concerning as many locals question whether our declining infrastructure is holding back our economic growth. Unfortunately, if we do not act sooner rather than later, the cost of inaction could prove to be our state’s Achilles heel. In other words, we need our elected officials to create and pass a comprehensive investment package that improves our transit system in a timely manner.

The Consequences of a Spike in Traffic and a Crumbling Infrastructure

The increase in cargo to be delivered and the resulting hike in tractor-trailers on the roads and highways means truck accidents are that much likelier. TRIP reports seven out of every one million people in New Jersey perished each year as a result of truck collisions between ’13 and ’17. Fatalities stemming from truck accidents spiked 20% across the nation in this time. Sadly, five of every six deaths were those in the other vehicle (the non-truck), those riding a bike or those taking a walk.

Though traffic fatalities declined as a whole in ’18, the following decade has the potential to bring about some major changes. Take your time when navigating the roads, be hyper-aware of nearby threats and minimize distractions. Be careful when driving, pay attention to the vehicles in your vicinity and stay out of tractor-trailers’ blind spots.

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