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An accident involving a truck can be deadly. Due to their large size and often high speeds, they usually win. Injuries after a truck accident can be very serious, resulting in long-term medical problems, lost time from work, and a host of other problems.

Truck Accident Attorney Howell The experienced truck accident lawyers at Schibell Law, LLC have dealt with cases like yours. We can help you or your loved one assert your rights after a truck accident.

Differences Between Truck Accidents and Car Accidents

Tractor-trailers, semis, and commercial trucks are obviously much larger than other vehicles, but that is not the only reason that a truck accident case differs from a regular car accident case.

The major legal difference is that truck drivers are subject to a variety of rules and regulations that likely do not apply to the average car driver.

These regulations can include things like:

  • Restrictions on where the tractor-trailer can drive
  • Restrictions on hours driven in one stretch
  • Weight regulations and restrictions
  • Specific qualifications that the drivers must possess
  • Restrictions on the timing that a truck driver can operate
  • Equipment regulations (brakes, emissions, hauling equipment, etc.)

A violation of any of these rules could help you prove liability in a truck accident case. If you attempt to assert your rights in a truck accident case alone, you may not realize that the driver has these restrictions or when they have been violated. Overlooking these regulations can lead to lower settlements or an unfavorable legal outcome.

There are some key logistical differences that deal directly with the truck’s size as well, including slower acceleration and longer stopping distance. These factors can result in accidents that would not have occurred in a smaller vehicle.

Another major difference is the insurance company you would have to deal with. It is possible that you would have to talk to not only the driver’s insurance company, but also his or her  employer’s insurance company.

You may even have to deal with a different insurance company if another party actually owns the truck. The truck manufacturer may also come into play.

All of these potential parties add a unique level of complication to this type of truck accident case.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in New Jersey

The New Jersey State Police report that the top five reasons that fatal truck accidents occur are:

  1. Driver inattention
  2. Unsafe speed
  3. Improper lane changes
  4. Mechanical failure
  5. Road/environmental factors

Not all truck accidents are caused by truck drivers. In some cases, another motorist causes a serious truck collision. Driver inattention is a leading cause of truck accidents.

However, even if you are found partially at fault, New Jersey law still allows you to collect a portion of your total damages. This amount will vary depending on your level of fault.

How a Howell Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

Truck accidents can be extremely serious and complicated. Trying to resolve the case by yourself is simply not a good idea. A Howell Truck Accident Attorney can help you put your case together in a way that presents it in the best light possible to a judge or jury.

Your attorney will help you:

  • Gather physical evidence
  • Take witness testimonies or statements
  • Negotiate with the various insurance companies involved
  • Compute your damages to determine what your case is worth
  • Analyze your medical records to determine whether you will need future medical care
  • Review the driver’s compliance with the various commercial truck laws and regulations
  • Review your police report and interview the police that responded to the scene
  • Hire expert witnesses

At Schibell Law, LLC, we do the legwork for you so you can focus on recovering after your truck accident. Give us a call today at 732-774-1000 for more information or to schedule a free case evaluation.

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