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For many people, a traffic case is the first time they have ever set foot in a courtroom. It’s their first brush with the law, and it’s not exactly a stress-free experience, regardless of how insignificant the charges may be.

These types of charges may be relatively minor, but they can still have a big impact on your life – and your wallet. Many of these charges can result in fines, loss of driving privileges, and even incarceration in some cases.

Depending on the type of charges involved, you may even end up with points on your driving record. In New Jersey, it takes just 12 points for your license to be suspended. This is why every traffic case matters, and why you need an experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer on your side from the start. At Schibell Law, we help people fight back against traffic violations charges.

Take Charge of Your Case

Traffic courts are often burdened by a high number of cases. The majority of these cases are non-indictable offenses with relatively minor penalties, but they still take time to work their way through the system.

If you have been charged with a traffic-related offense, this high caseload volume gives you an advantage, as prosecutors are often willing to negotiate cases to free up valuable court time and resources. In many cases, our lawyers can successfully get a case thrown out or downgraded to something less serious.

You Have Important Rights

When you get a speeding ticket or other kind of traffic violation, you have two choices: give in and pay the fine, or fight. Many people assume they have no chance of winning if they choose to challenge the ticket, even when they’re innocent. This can be a big mistake with serious consequences.

Although a traffic charge may not seem like a big deal, it can result in points on your permanent driving record, fines, and higher insurance rates. It might seem easier to simply pay a fine and move on, but any kind of violation on your record can come back to haunt you down the road, especially if your job requires you to drive or operate certain kinds of equipment.

At Schibell Law, our New Jersey traffic violations lawyers assist clients with a wide range of traffic cases, including:

  • Speeding
  • Traffic light violations
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Careless or reckless driving
  • Registration violations
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Open container violations
  • Driving without a license
  • Failure to yield
  • Endangering pedestrians or bicyclists
  • Improper lane change

In some cases, police officers charge a motorist with more than one violation. This can bump a case from a relatively minor matter to a more serious one. Suddenly, you must deal with appearing before a judge and navigating your way through the court system. It’s an intimidating prospect – especially when your record, your reputation, and your good name are on the line.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through it alone. Our Traffic Violations Lawyer New Jersey will treat your case like we would any other matter. We work hard for our clients, whether they are facing a felony charge or a minor misdemeanor. This is important to you, which means it’s important to us.

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