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The Top Reasons to Hire a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Scan through the web search results after sleuthing for “workers’ compensation in New Jersey” and it might seem as though the process is fairly straightforward.  As most New Jersey workers know, those who suffer an injury at work are legally entitled to financial compensation to cover the cost of related medical bills along with time missed from work.

However, simply filing a workers’ compensation claim does not automatically trigger payment.  If only life were so simple.  The truth is injured workers need the guidance and ongoing assistance of a proven workers’ compensation attorney.  Let’s look at the many reasons to hire a savvy workers’ compensation lawyer for your case.

Invaluable Reassurance That You Will be Provided With the Compensation You Deserve

Ask any injured worker who has attempted to navigate New Jersey’s complex workers’ compensation system about the process, and you will find it was egregiously challenging.  No worker should have to do legal battle with a large company in a court of law.  Find a New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney worth his or her keep and this professional will tackle the legal challenges on your behalf.

From handling the insurance and medical aspects of your claim to meeting the court’s nuanced criteria for filings, timelines and other details, your attorney will sweat all the subtle yet important components of your claim.  This assistance will liberate you to narrow your focus on healing your body and mind instead of feeling stressed.

Essential Assistance With Inevitable Roadblocks

Few injured workers glide on through the workers’ compensation process with completely smooth sailing.  If your case is like most others in the state of New Jersey, there will be challenges and potential setbacks.  Countless factors have the potential to jeopardize your ability to receive the compensation you need and deserve.  As an example, there is a good chance the insurance provider will deny your claim.  If a denial is issued, your attorney will steer you in the right direction throughout the appeals process.

There is also a chance the insurer will argue you have a pre-existing condition that is the true cause of your injury or illness.  It is also possible the medical team sponsored by your employer will attempt to assign you a lower-than-expected disability rating.  You need a hardworking and experienced attorney on your side to guide you through these challenges with the proper legal advice.  This way, once a settlement is reached, you won’t spend any time worrying about whether you maximized your potential compensation.

Risk-free Assistance

There is a common misconception that an attorney’s assistance in workers’ compensation claims will prove egregiously expensive.  However, the truth is our New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis.  In other words, you will not pay a penny unless we win compensation for your injury or illness.  Our fee is a percentage of the settlement.

Ensure Your Best Interest is Represented

Take a moment to consider the number of parties involved in your workers’ compensation claim.  Aside from yourself, there is the employer, the employer’s selected medical professionals and the insurance provider.  Each of these parties is looking to limit your compensation.  The bottom line is you need a savvy attorney on your side to obtain the settlement you need and deserve.

It is even possible the medical team assigned to your case will misrepresent your injury to benefit the employer as opposed to you, the injured worker.  Hire an attorney and you will rest easy knowing a legal practitioner is in your corner, fiercely battling on your behalf to ensure justice is served.

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If you are injured or suffer an illness because of your work-related duties, do the smart thing by asking for assistance from our proven New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys.  We will fiercely advocate for your interest with the overarching goal of obtaining the compensation you need for medical expenses, time missed from work, the loss of use of a body part and more.  Dial 732-774-1000 to schedule an initial consultation.

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