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New Research Study Shows That Vehicle Breakdowns Are at an All-Time High in the United States

Vehicle BreakdownsIf you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of your vehicle starting to break down on the highway or other road where it’s difficult to signal to other drivers what you’re experiencing, you know just how much a couple of seconds can mean in your ability to get off the road and avoid a New Jersey vehicle accident.

Unfortunately, vehicle breakdowns are becoming common, at least according to the results of one AAA research study.

This might be surprising news to some who would otherwise believe that the automobile and safety features associated with it have come a long way since they were first invented more than 125 years ago

Despite dashboard alerts, key less entry and plenty of automated maintenance reminder systems, one study found that vehicle breakdowns are more common now than ever before.

AAA had to step in to provide emergency roadside assistance for more than 32 million vehicles and their drivers in 2015 alone.

Most interesting from the study’s results are indications that the newest vehicles are not necessarily the safest or the most reliable on the road.

According to AAA, those are actually the worst offenders. Their research identified that vehicles less than 5 years old had a higher number of key related issues than older vehicles, which calls into question the increasing trend of using key less electronic ignitions and getting rid of the spare tire inside the vehicle.

Unfortunately, it seems as though technology cannot solve all of the problems involved in a vehicle breakdown.

How to Prevent a Vehicle Breakdown

There are many different steps that you as a driver can take to prevent a breakdown on the road. Unfortunately, sometimes your vehicle just breaks down and you have very little control over what you can do aside from getting off the road safely and notifying other drivers that something is happening.

You can do this using your hazard lights. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the chances of your vehicle breaking down.

If you are on the far left side of a highway or on a busy thoroughfare where other people are not necessarily paying attention to what you’re doing, having a vehicle breakdown and not knowing what to do could put you at greater risk of a serious accident. This is why it is imperative that you do everything you can to prevent breakdowns in the first place.

First of all, pay attention to any dashboard alerts that indicate that there’s something you need to have checked out. Although sometimes these lights and alerts can malfunction and give you cause for concern when there’s no need to be worried, it is far better to have the situation checked out by a mechanic than to become a victim of a vehicle breakdown.

Second, make sure that you get regular maintenance on your car including rotating your tires, having your alignment checked and getting oil changes.

These small but simple steps can have a significant impact on your ability to have a safe car on the road. So it’s always worth staying on top of maintenance.

Third, if you notice any unusual smells or sounds, you should put in a call to your mechanic to determine whether or not it’s worth you getting the vehicle checked out. Ignoring something for too long could increase your chances of being involved in a breakdown or vehicle accident significantly.

What to Do If Your Vehicle Starts Breaking Down

If you’re on a busy roadway and your vehicle shows signs of breaking down like smoking, slowing down significantly or loss of all the dashboard controls, attempt to get your vehicle off the road as effectively as possible.

If your lights are still working, use your hazard lights to indicate to other drivers that something is happening with the vehicle.

When you pull off to the side of the road, make sure you have plenty of clearance on the shoulder to avoid being hit by other vehicles. Contact emergency personnel and a towing service immediately and stay inside your vehicle where possible.

Getting outside of the car to check for problems and to further explore problems can actually put you at greater risk of being involved in an accident.

If you have emergency notification systems like flares or lights, put these around your vehicle to alert other drivers to the scene.

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