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Sleep Deprived Teenagers May Be at Higher Risk of an Accident

sleep-deprived-teenagersWith the school year quickly approaching for many parents and children, it’s important to remember several safety tips in order to prevent being involved in a serious accident.

Whether you’re the parent of teen children or getting ready to share the road with these teenage drivers headed to school early in the morning, bear in mind that teenagers who have been deprived of sleep may be at higher risk of being involved in a drowsy driving car accident.

Drowsiness is, of course, already a clearly identified risk for adult drivers in New Jersey and around the country. But teenage drivers face greater levels of impairment than adults when facing an equal lack of sleep, according to an Australian study. Too many young people simply aren’t getting enough sleep to begin with.

In this recent study of 20,000 drivers, 17% of individuals between ages 20 and 24 and 10% of 17 year olds admitted that they slept for less than six hours a night.

Many studies argue that teenagers need between eight and ten hours of sleep in a single night. It can be particularly difficult for teenagers to adjust to the new school.

Other drivers should be prepared to deal with the additional traffic in the mornings and to avoid being in an accident with the teenage driver.

Some believe that studies like this support the implementation of graduated drivers’ licenses that keep younger drivers from driving at night.

Sleep Time RecommendationThe greatest risks of accidents for young people are between 8pm and the early morning hours. A recent study also found that the current school schedule in the United States has been identified as disruptive to teenage sleeping patterns.

Plenty of recommendations argue that teens should be getting up to 10 hours a night, and skipping out on sleep can lead to major car accidents.

One study argues that too many teenagers use the weekends to catch up on their sleep but this does not make up the deficit accumulated during the week.

Since sleep is a brain function, there are many things that can go wrong if you’re intentionally irritable. Teenagers who do not have enough sleep are more likely to end up in a car accident.

As it’s time to go back to school, parents can help to support good habits by discouraging use of caffeine after 3pm and helping their children wake up 30 minutes earlier to an hour earlier every single day to adjust to the new schedule. It can take a couple of weeks for a teenager to become used to a different schedule.

Other Tips for Protecting Teen Drivers

If you are the parent of a teen driver, you can do your part by ensuring that your driver is aware of all the safety risks and prepared to focus on safety behind the wheel.

Doing things like implementing your own graduated licensing program using a driver’s contract, getting the safest possible car for your driver and having a zero tolerance drinking policy can help to promote safety with your teen behind the wheel.

Individuals who have been involved in accidents with teenage drivers may sustain serious injuries that may be challenging to recover from. In the worst possible situations, an accident victim may never be able to fully recover from the extent of his or her injuries.

In the event that the injuries cost more than health insurance benefits are willing to provide, individuals coping with the aftermath of a serious accident with a teenage driver may be facing major challenges to their life that can be financially catastrophic without filing a personal injury claim.

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