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OSHA Calls for Greater Focus On Young Workers’ Safety

Young Workers' SafetyIt is well documented that certain occupations across the United States carry a higher risk of significant injury than others. Those employees who sustain an injury or are diagnosed with a work related illness may be entitled to recover compensation through their employer via workers’ compensation.

Reporting the injury as soon as possible is imperative for protecting the employee’s rights and it may also be required by the employer and the workers’ compensation insurance.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently has reported that there should be a greater focus on the young workers being aware of the risks of on the job injuries and protecting them in the event that an injury happens.

Many individuals who have obtained their first job are excited about the opportunity to continue earning income and grow their influence within a company. It’s unlikely that they are thinking about being injured or killed as they begin their first job.

However, grim statistics show that there is good reason for concern. It is the responsibility of employers to educate these new employees about the potential risks they face and to take all necessary steps in order to minimize the chances of injuries on the job.

Unfortunately, far too many individuals sustain critical injuries in the workplace and may be unable to ever work again.

These injuries may also come at a psychological and financial cost as well. If a worker is unable to hold down any job after being injured on his or her first job, this can impact the rest of their life in terms of their earning capability. It can also lead to emotional outcomes as well such as anxiety, fear or depression over being unable to work.

This is why it is especially important to target young individuals particularly in terms of education and injury prevention. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration considers anyone under the age of 25 to be a young employee.

According to the Assistant Secretary of Labor in the United States, young employees are twice as likely to sustain injuries on the job as older workers. This is particularly true if the employee is a teenager.

One teenage employee is injured on the job every nine minutes. The statistics are even more grizzly when it comes to workplace fatalities. In 2014, the most recent year for which statistics are available, 351 young employees were killed on the job. Of those, 21 were under age 18.

Supervisor and Employer Responsibility

Taking on a new employee is an exciting prospect and one that could lead to a long partnership between worker and employer. However, if the employee suffers an injury relatively early on in his or her tenure on the job, they may pay the consequences for the remainder of their life.

Safety should always be of the utmost priority on any work site, whether it is at places like construction sites where injuries are more likely to happen, or even in the office. An employer should always have an eye towards processes, tactics and tools that help to minimize the potential for injuries.

A young person’s life can be cut short by a devastating disability or a fatal injury on the job and it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that all new employees, regardless of their age, are aware of safety gear and protocol that can prevent these catastrophic accidents.

Preventing accidents can help employers improve productivity and their workers’ compensation insurance cost as well. Having a safety program that evaluates the most common causes of accidents and strive to develop strategies to prevent them is strongly recommended for all employers.

Since young individuals have tremendous potential to contribute in a big way to a company, having a safety protocol that keeps their interests in mind and promotes safety across all employees of all age levels can be vital for minimizing accidents.

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