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Delivery Driver InjuriesIf you have been injured on the job you may be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim. A workers’ compensation claim may be critical for allowing you to recover benefits in the event that you have been hurt on the job and need assistance from an experienced attorney. You may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim on your own but it’s strongly recommended that you consult first with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney so you know what to expect.

Delivery Driver Injuries May Last for Years

Being injured on the job can have significant ramifications for the rest of your future. You may be so severely injured that you are not able to work in the short term or the long term and this can have an impact on your ability to earn money and to provide for your family. This is to say nothing of the physical pain and suffering that you will go through after going through an accident.

It can be devastating to realize that you have been significantly injured on the job as this may cause you to question your very livelihood and whether you will be able to get through day to day life with the various pain, suffering and treatments that you must comply with in order to have the best chance at recovery.

Unfortunately delivery drivers are at an increased risk of being involved in a workers’ compensation related accident for a number of reasons.

Heightened Risks for Delivery Drivers

First of all, delivery drivers are inside vehicles frequently. Since car accidents are a leading cause of significant personal injuries and fatalities across the United States it is not surprising that delivery drivers may face increased risks of being severely hurt on the roads.

Deliver drivers are also frequently unloading and reloading cargo into the back of truck. This exposes them to being involved in accidents with others or with defective equipment that could lead to something falling on them or them falling off of the truck or from another location.

The potential for being severely injured as a delivery driver is higher than other occupations. Since many drivers have to frequently assist in the truck’s maintenance this may also result in injury.

Common Injuries

There are several different common forms of trucking delivery driver injuries. Truck accidents are some of the most common as they may lead to strained or sprained muscles, scaring, herniated disk and permanent damage like broken bones or traumatic brain injuries.

Some of these accidents may even lead to fatalities. In some cases with a motor vehicle accident involving a delivery driver you may be entitled to a separate claim against the negligent driver who caused the accident and compensation through workers’ comp.

Injuries can also happen as results of loading or unloading trucks. The constant lifting or moving of heavy materials can lead to knee, shoulder, back, neck, and other injuries and even heart attacks.

Tripping or falling off of the trucks while moving cargo can also lead to significant problems. Drivers should always be aware of the benefits of using appropriate equipment to move heavy items when this is possible.

Injuries can also come as result of driving long periods of time. These are often referred to as repetitive stress injuries from sitting in the same position or doing the same motions over and over again.

Individuals who are delivery drivers and spend more than 10 hours each day behind the wheel can suffer neck and back pain quite easily. Repetitive motions can lead to chronic knee pain or carpal tunnel as an example.

If this develops over a long period of time while working as a delivery driver you may be entitled to workers` compensation benefits. One of the most important things you can do as soon as possible after a delivery driver accident on the job is to report the injury to your employer.

This is required for workers compensation purposes and also helps you determine your rights going forward.

You may be barred from receiving compensation through this program if you do not file in a timely fashion. Likewise you may also need to consult with an experience workers’ compensation attorney to help you figure out the best way to file your claim and to protect yourself.

In the event that you are denied your attorney can help you navigate the appeals process so that you can recover benefits and focus on recovery as soon as possible. Given that delivery driver truck accidents can influence your life in a big way you need help sooner rather than later.

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