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New Jersey DUI AttorneyAs New Jersey criminal defense lawyer, drunk driving offenses and breath test refusals are among the most common cases we handle.

State lawmakers take drunk driving violations very seriously. Over the years, DUI laws have become increasingly harsh.

If you have been charged with DUI in New Jersey, you can’t afford to proceed without an aggressive, knowledgeable DUI defense attorney by your side. The stakes are simply too high to settle for anything less than the best defense.

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Penalties for DUI in New Jersey

Drunk driving convictions carry serious penalties, including the possibility of incarceration – even for a first offense.

Even refusing a breath test can result in major repercussions, as all licensed drivers in New Jersey give implied consent to a breath test simply by obtaining a driver’s license.

When you refuse to take a breath test, you violate this implied consent. Thus, you have no legal right to refuse – when you do, the judge has every right to find you guilty of drunk driving.

If this happens, you can be charged with both DUI and refusal to take a breath test. This means two separate offenses with two separate sets of penalties.

You could end up paying fines, spending time in jail, and losing your driver’s license.

Enhanced Penalties for DUI

If you’re caught driving under the influence of alcohol or some other substance in certain areas, you could face even harsher penalties.

The law in New Jersey imposes extra punishments for motorists who drive impaired in school zones.

Fighting Back – It’s What We Do

The public can be very quick to assume someone is guilty. When you’re arrested for DUI, you might even find that people close to you automatically believe you are guilty of driving drunk.

This can be an incredibly discouraging experience. You have worked your whole life to build your reputation. Let us help you defend it.

Just because you have been charged with DUI does not mean your case is a slam dunk for the prosecution. You may feel like all the evidence is against you, but the prosecution must satisfy a high burden of proof.

Our lawyers are seasoned litigators and negotiators who know how to challenge even the most complex cases. Don’t leave your defense to chance – or unskilled hands.

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