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amazon-workers-compensation-300x199Amazon, the leader in online shopping, has been a huge success. With their success, the company has created “fulfillment centers” or warehouses in communities around the nation that offer a collective stockpile of products for shoppers.

Amazon warehouses have created thousands of jobs for job seekers, but the extremely fast paced and physical work environment can impact workplace safety.

In 2015, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited a New Jersey Amazon warehouse for exposing workers to risks factors that included stress from continuous bending and repetitious exertions and prolonged standing during long shifts. OSHA cited the facility $7000 for these violations.

If you have been injured as a result of a specific accident or as a result of excessive physical exertion trying to keep pace with the demands of being an employee at an Amazon fulfillment center, contact the Workers’ Compensation injury lawyers at Schibell Law. We have three convenient locations to serve you better. 

Types of Warehouse Accidents

In general, warehouses can expose workers to safety and health hazards due to the nature of the work. Warehouse workers face many workplace risks, which include the following accidents.

  • Repetitive Stress Injuries: These types of injuries happen due to continuous and repetitive work-related activities on the job. Repetitive stress injuries may include carpal tunnel syndrome or pain in the wrists, thumbs, hands, or forearms.
  • Overexertion Injuries: These injuries happened because of the heavy lifting on the job that can cause neck and lower back pain. Lifting heavy objects or machinery can lead to hernias and other health problems. Overexertion injuries may happen in warehouse environments that are understaffed or hire poorly trained workers who do not following the appropriate procedures for lifting heavy objects. These injuries occur when workers put too much stress on their bodies.
  • Forklift Accidents: Forklifts are a major part of warehouse occupations. Forklifts are used to move, raise, or lower items in a warehouse. They can cause severe injuries if the operator makes a mistake in operating a forklift or there is a malfunction in the equipment. Forklift accidents often occur in unsafe working environments or overcrowded areas.
  • Truck Accidents: Warehouse workers whose jobs require them to operate heavy trucks and transport material from one location to another location can experience injuries on the job.
  • Struck by Falling Objects: These accidents happen when workers are stacking objects that fall or hit them. These accidents can cause injuries that result in concussions, shoulder injuries, or back injuries.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: These accidents can happen in a warehouse when objects are lying in high traffic areas and residue or grease from machinery is left on the floor. These

    accidents can result in severe injury to many body parts .

Jeff Bezos acknowledges the high amount of Amazon warehouse injuries

In his final letter to shareholders, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos acknowledged that repetitive motion injuries account for a large number of work related injuries, especially during an employees first six months.

“About 40% of work-related injuries at Amazon are related to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), things like sprains or strains that can be caused by repetitive motions. MSDs are common in the type of work that we do and are more likely to occur during an employee’s first six months.”

Seek Legal Help for Warehouse Injuries

In many work-related personal injury claims, negligence, recklessness, or the wrongful actions of another person, the employer or manufacturer are usually the blame.

When a manufacturer makes a defective work truck or machinery that causes an injury, you may be able to sue the manufacturer. A personal injury lawyer with offices in Howell, Oakhurst, and Toms River can help decide who is responsible for your work-related injury.

Our legal team has recovered millions for workers and their families over the years. We offer a workers’ compensation case review, and we receive no payment unless we recover compensation for you.

Contact our team at Schibell Law who will work tirelessly to protect your rights and help to make sure you receive the medical treatment, temporary disability benefits and permanency you deserve. Call 732-774-1000 for more information or to set your case review.

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