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New Distracted Driving Law in New Jersey Would Be the Toughest in the Nation

Distracted Driving LawNew Jersey lawmakers are fed up with distracted driving and their most recent suggested legislation supports that. The newest New Jersey bill put together by two democratic Assemblymen would ban activities that drivers do in the car.

While it is not uncommon to ban use of a cellphone and texting and driving, this bill expands the activities.

The law, if passed, would outlaw any activity behind the wheel that would interfere with otherwise safe operation of the vehicle. This means no eating breakfast, drinking coffee, or applying makeup. Similar laws have already been passed in other states so New Jersey would not be the first.

In fact, laws have been passed in Maine and Utah but the New Jersey bill would carry some of the strictest penalties. A first time offender could pay up to $400. A second time offender would pay up to $600 and a third time offender could pay up to $800.

The federal government, non-profit organizations, corporations, and state governments have all attempted to address the distracted driving issue.

While it’s possible that some of the behavior has been curbed by tighter laws, texting and driving especially still happens not just in New Jersey but across the country.

The Prevalence of Distracted Driving

According to Distraction.gov, at any given point in time while the sun is up in the U.S., nearly 660,000 people are using an electronic device while operating a vehicle.

This number has stayed the same since 2010, which is an alarming thought given how many laws and awareness campaigns have targeted distracted driving.

Many studies have backed up the claim that any kind of distracted behavior puts people at risk, including passengers, other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Despite the fact that these studies have been shared in the media and that plenty of educational programs have illustrated the risks of distracted driving, the behavior runs rampant not just in New Jersey but across the country.

Recognizing that awareness and educational campaigns only go so far, New Jersey legislators are thinking about taking things a step further, but not everyone is in agreement with the newly proposed rules.

For example, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has spoken out against the proposed New Jersey law and believes that the best way to address distracted driving immediately is with vigorous enforcement of safety belt laws and education about the dangers of distracted driving.

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Injuries from a Distracted Driving Accident

No two car accidents are alike, but many of the victims who have suffered in a New Jersey distracted driving accident have severe injuries.

Some of these may be life-threatening or complicate the victim’s life long after the accident is over, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or paralysis.

A victim’s quality of life may be critically impacted after a distracted driving accident. It can be difficult to deal with the emotional repercussions, too, know that just a couple of seconds of someone else’s attention on the road could have prevented the accident entirely.

That’s why personal injury law in New Jersey empowers victims to pursue a legal claim against responsible parties with the assistance of a talented New Jersey distracted driving accident attorney.

If you or someone you know has already been injured in a car accident in New Jersey because of someone else’s distracted driving behavior, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit after speaking with a New Jersey car accident attorney.

Contact An Expert New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer Today

An experienced lawyer can tell you more about your rights and give you suggested next steps going forward. No individuals should have to pay the consequences of someone else’s distracted driving behavior but unfortunately, this has become increasingly common.

Despite the fact that numerous studies pinpoint distracted driving as an extremely dangerous activity, no matter what form it takes, adults and teen drivers alike admit to doing this behavior despite knowing the devastating reality.

Holding someone else accountable in court may be the only way to recover compensation for serious injuries associated with a car accident.

If you have already been injured, do not hesitate to reach out to a New Jersey car accident attorney today to learn more.

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