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Motorcyclists Face an Elevated Risk for a Serious Accident and Injury in the State of New Jersey

Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than those who drive cars, trucks and SUVs. Unfortunately, plenty of drivers are still incapable of properly sharing the streets with those riding motorcycles and mopeds. Making matters worse is the fact that motorcycles do not provide adequate protection to riders. Unlike automobiles, motorcycles do not have airbags or seat belts.

Motorcycle collisions are much more likely to cause significant injury or even death compared to other traffic accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports about 30% of all auto accidents cause injury to one or several people in the compromised vehicles. More than 73% of all motorcycle riders and passengers suffer an injury in motorcycle crashes. It is interesting to note merely .003% all traditional auto accidents are deadly while 6% of motorcycle accidents cause rider death. A recent study conducted by the Governors Highway Safety Administration determined motorcycle deaths cause nearly 12% of all deadly traffic accidents in the state of New Jersey. Sadly, in 2017 alone, more than 5,100 motorcyclists were killed in collisions.

New Jersey motorcyclists who do not perish in an accident must still deal with the harsh injuries sustained in the collision. Here is a list of the most common injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents:

Broken and fractured bones: Motorcycle riders frequently break their bones as a result of the motorcycle crushing the rider, slamming into the road or hitting a stationary object with significant force.

Amputations: The amputation of a limb and a number of lifelong disabilities are likely to occur after involvement in a nasty motorcycle accident. Those seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident usually attribute their injuries to the lack of protection as well as the negligence of other drivers.

Internal organ injuries: The force involved in a motorcycle collision can lead to significant damage to the internal organs. It is possible such damage will compromise the organs’ ability to function. In fact, there might not even be a visible injury when such functioning ceases.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and additional head injuries: Head injuries are quite common even when motorcycle riders are wearing helmets. It is possible a head injury will cause myriad symptoms ranging from blurred vision to confusion, insufficient impulse control, speech difficulties and vomiting.

The cost of medical care for an injured motorcyclist is likely to be quite substantial given the extent of the rider’s injuries. Though such costs hinge on the severity of the crash, the NHTSA reports those who survive motorcycle crashes are typically saddled by hospital bills between $10,000 and $40,000. Those who were protected by a helmet typically have lower hospital bills than helmeted riders. These figures are certainly eye-opening yet the real cost of a motorcycle crash in New Jersey extends well beyond the cost of simply treating the victim’s injured body sites.

Studies show medical expenses are only 6% of the aggregate cost of motorcycle crash injuries. Plenty of those involved in motorcycle accidents endure considerable pain for lengthy periods of time. In fact, certain injuries suffered in these violent crashes will never full heal. As a result, those who survive motorcycle accidents are likely to miss time at work during their recovery period. Such individuals are also likely to find it difficult to return to work at a later date as injuries stemming from motorcycle accidents tend to be permanent. The sad truth is injuries endured in a motorcycle accident often prevent the rider from working as they did prior to the accident. As a result, the crash victim might have to take a job that pays less or is not as fulfilling. Juries and judges often consider the drop in earning potential when determining the damages to be paid in motorcycle accident lawsuits.

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