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What should you do if you are injured on the job and your company is uninsured?

In most cases, your employer will provide you with workers’ compensation benefits when you get injured on the job. New Jersey law requires all employers that are not covered by Federal programs to have workers’ compensation coverage or be approved for self-insurance. In fact, out-of-state companies may need to provide coverage when their work is performed by workers in New Jersey.

Although New Jersey Law requires all companies to maintain workers’ compensation insurance, some companies still may not carry it.  Employers may not have purchased workers’ compensation insurance because of the cost, or their policy may have been canceled. Whatever the reason, what should you do if you are injured on the job and your company is uninsured?

In these instances, you should contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to help you get workers’ compensation through the New Jersey Uninsured Employer’s Fund (UEF).

What is the New Jersey Uninsured Employer’s Fund (UEF)?

The Uninsured Employer’s Fund is a part of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law. It is designed to provide temporary disability benefits and medical expenses to employees hurt on the job while working for a company that does not have the required workers’ compensation insurance coverage and cannot make benefits payments as mandated by state law. UEF ensures that medical bills are paid if a worker gets hurt at work.

How to Apply for Workers’ Compensation Benefits through UEF

An employee must file a formal claim petition for the UEF to get involved in a case. The filing of a claim petition will require the expertise of a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to ensure that the legal papers are filed correctly and with the appropriate jurisdiction. If the claim shows that there is no insurance carrier or approved self-insurance for the employer, the search will be requested by the Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau to determine the status of the employer. When it is revealed that the employer does not have insurance coverage, your case will be heard in court by an attorney representing the UEF. After the court hearing, the UEF will make payments of all temporary disability and customary medical expenses included in the judge’s order to the injured employee.

Harsh Consequences for Uninsured Employers in New Jersey

There are several penalties for not providing your workers with workers’ compensation insurance, and companies could face severe consequences. In some cases, an intentional failure to comply with the law will be reviewed by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office. Uninsured employers can face prosecution as a strict liability offense or a fourth-degree criminal violation. Individuals who are aware of an uninsured employer can notify the Office of Special Compensation Funds for non-compliance.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Guidance and Direction

A Workers’ Compensation lawyer with offices in Oakhurst, Howell, and Tom’s River can help you settle all workers’ compensation benefits matters.

If you are an injured worker who is experiencing problems receiving your workers’ compensation benefits or work for an uninsured employer, contact the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Schibell Law. Call 732-774-1000 for more information or to set up a free case evaluation.

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