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Expungements Lawyer New JerseyIn today’s digital world, just about anyone with a computer and an internet connection can delve into your past. If a criminal record is holding you back, why not seize the opportunity to get a clean slate?

New Jersey Criminal Record Expungement Lawyers

The skilled criminal defense lawyers at Schibell Law have helped people reclaim their lives after a criminal conviction.

Even a relatively minor criminal offense can tarnish your good name. Because most records are easily accessible online, a criminal past can come back to haunt you in a number of ways. From applying for jobs to renting an apartment, just one mistake from years ago can trip you up over and over again.

Fortunately, New Jersey law makes it possible to expunge arrest records and certain criminal and juvenile convictions.

Getting Your Record Expunged in New Jersey

The expungement process can be complicated. It involves a great deal of paperwork, as well as a knowledge of the law and the steps involved. You have a much higher likelihood of success if you work with a lawyer who knows how to handle expungement cases.

For felony convictions, most people are eligible for expungement attorney after five years as long as they can show the expungement is in the “public interest.” If 10 years or more have passed since your conviction, you don’t need to prove the public interest element.

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At Schibell Law, we are in the business of helping people improve their lives. Don’t let an arrest record or criminal conviction hold you back.

Reclaim your reputation and your good name. Call us today at 732-774-1000 to discuss the next steps in your expungement case.

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