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Deadly Train Crash in NJ Highlights Injuries and Liability Issues


Image originally from ABC News, Oct 3, 2016

One individual was killed and 100 passengers suffered critical injuries after a transit train crashed in New Jersey. All of the accident is still under investigation by the authorities, preliminary data indicates that the crash was either caused by operator error or an accident. Five law enforcement officials were involved in the preliminary research report. All of those public officials indicated that the report was a preliminary standing, however.


Fatal Train Crash Unfolded in Seconds

According to those at the scene of the accident, passengers were crawling out of the windows of the transit train screaming and crying. The train smashed through a barrier towards the end of the track and came to a screeching halt in a covered waiting area. The canopy was left dangerously resting on top of the car speeding on top of the cracks. Shortly after the accident, the national Transportation Safety Board was waiting to give the green light for allowing anyone into that area. One individual suffered fatal injuries as a result of that crash.

Investigators, once cleared to enter the area, pulled the black box event recorders in order to learn more about why the accident happens. A train’s black box usually contains information about the braking as well as train speed. It was not safe at that time for engineers to retrieve the second recorder inside the engineer’s compartment. There were concerns about the collapsed roof caused the the accident and potential asbestos in the building. Reports from those who saw the scene of the train crash shared details that the train was coming into the station at a very high rate of speed when the accident happened.

Injuries from the Accident

A total of 114 individuals Sustained injuries in the accident. This number includes those who sustained minor wounds that needed only a bandage. Jersey City Medical Center had 66 patients from the train crash and 53 of those patients had been released after being handled in triage. The remaining patients stayed in the hospital but we’re not listed as in critical condition. Hoboken University Medical Center that 23 of the patients from the train crash and one walk in. All of those patients were released by the late afternoon on the day of the crash.

One of the most devastating impacts of any kind of an accident, including a subway or train accident in New Jersey, is that you may not realize the extent of your injuries until hours days or weeks after the accident has occurred. This is because your body copes with adrenaline and shock immediately after an accident happens, and you may not begin to notice painful symptoms until long after you’ve been released for medical care. This is why it is essential to monitor your own medical symptoms and consult with an experienced doctor if you notice that your condition is changing.

Some of the most severe injuries include those to the head, which can lead to a traumatic brain injury. In the event that you noticed changes in your symptoms or that you have consistent pain that is not going away with treatment, you need to report this concerns your doctor and consider speaking with a New Jersey personal injury attorney.

Who is Liable?

If further investigation of the crash revealed that the accident happened as a result of operator error, those individuals who sustained injuries may be eligible to recover compensation. Complex train accidents require the inside of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney because multiple parties may be held accountable in court. It requires the inside of an experienced attorney who will work hard to uncover all facets of the accident and prepare a comprehensive strategy for fighting for benefits. Given that the injuries from a train accident can significantly change your life, it is imperative to consult with a personal injury attorney sooner rather than later.

Have you already been injured in a train or subway accident? If so, you need a lawyer you can trust. Hiring a New Jersey personal injury lawyer immediately gives you the best possible chance of preparing a legal claim and recovering compensation for your injuries.

Source: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Major-Train-Accident-in-Hoboken-Injuries-Reported-395249051.html#ixzz4LwVrdntc

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