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Criminal Law AttorneyGetting arrested is a scary, humiliating experience for anyone. In an arrest situation, your life can change in a matter of minutes. After a conviction, a single mistake or lapse in judgment can haunt you for a very long time.

In today’s digital world, criminal records are easily accessible to just about anyone – including potential employers and landlords.

People look at you differently when you have been convicted of a crime. Isn’t it better to fight for your freedom and reputation from the beginning, rather than live the rest of your life with the consequences of trying to handle things on your own – or working with an inexperienced defense lawyer?

When you’re facing a criminal charge in New Jersey, you need an experienced lawyer on your side as soon as possible. At Schibell Law, our lawyers are experienced litigators who aren’t afraid to take on tough criminal defense cases.

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New Jersey Laws Are Tough on Crime

New Jersey has a reputation for aggressively prosecuting people accused of criminal offenses. All crimes falls under Title 2C, which is the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice. This section of the Garden State’s law is wide-ranging and covers all types of crimes.

Offenses are classified as either crimes, disorderly person’s offenses, or petty disorderly person’s offenses.

Any offense that carries a prison sentence of more than six months is classified as a crime under the state Constitution. Crimes fall into four categories: first, second, third, and fourth degree.

Many people have a general idea of how the criminal justice system works, either from what they learned in social studies classes in high school, or from watching crime dramas on television.

When you’re involved in a criminal case, however, reality is usually much more frightening than anything you have seen on TV.

In New Jersey, for example, disorderly person’s offenses and petty disorderly person’s offenses are not considered “crimes.”

This means people charged with these types of offenses have no right to a trial by jury, nor do they have a right to be indicted by a Grand Jury. If you don’t know your rights, you could end up hurting your case and compromising your freedom.

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New Jersey law also contains provisions designed to safeguard against excessive, disproportionate, and arbitrary punishments against people convicted of crimes and offenses.

Our New Jersey criminal law attorney are passionate about protecting the liberty and dignity of the clients we serve. Call today to discuss your case.

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