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Construction Workers Face Increased Risks on the Job in Construction Industry

Construction Workers New JerseyAny individual who has had the opportunity to work in the construction industry knows that it comes with inherent risks.This is part of the reason that occupational safety guidelines and regulations govern this industry as well as why safety gear is such an important component of doing your everyday work.

Construction Industry One of the Most Dangerous

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are 3.3 million non-fatal illnesses and injuries reported in the United States’ total in 2009, but more than 9% of those were experienced by construction employees.Construction workers face illnesses and non-fatal injuries of 4.3 for every 100 full time employees.

There are several different common causes of construction worker accidents on the job, all of which may entitle an individual to workers’ compensation benefits.What follows are the most common construction site injuries impacting employees today, but bear in mind that there are many different kinds of accidents that can happen on a construction site.

No matter how the injury happened, you need to report it to your employer to protect your rights. You may be eligible for a workers compensation claim.

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More than 22% of the illnesses and injuries construction workers reported in 2009 were from falls.Construction workers face high risks of falling from ladders, roofs, scaffolding, cranes and other heights at work.

If you have been injured by falling at work, you may be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim and potentially a personal injury lawsuit against your employer or another liable third party.

Being Struck by Objects

Construction workers also face high risks of being struck by objects falling from above.For example, if another employee is working on a scaffold above you and he or she drops a tool or other piece of machinery, you could be severely injured when this falls on you.

Being Crushed Between Machinery or Being Backed Over by Machinery

Construction workers may be severely injured when they are run over by large trucks exiting a construction site.Becoming crushed between walls, concrete or large vehicles can also present devastating injuries including amputated limbs, fractures, and broken bones.

Building Collapses

When a trench is being constructed and it collapses on the workers inside, serious injuries and even fatalities can occur.Employees can be trapped inside for hours, too, compromising their ability to breathe.

Serious complications can result. If this has happened to you, get medical attention immediately and report the incident to your employer.

Explosions and Fires

Hazardous conditions frequently exist on all construction sites. These could lead to explosions or fires as a result of flammable chemicals, exposed wires or leaking pipes.

Some of these can lead to fatal or critical injuries. An injured worker may have scars and burns that last well beyond a fire or explosion incident on the job.

Equipment Accidents

The heavy machinery frequently used for the day to day work on a construction site can fail or become dangerous very quickly.In the event of defective products, for example, it may be the employee who is severely injured when the product does not function as it intended.

One such example is a nail gun that misfires. In the event that the equipment used on your construction site job is dangerous or unsafe, you may need to determine whether or not there is a product liability claim and potentially a workers’ compensation claim.

Overexertion, Heat Stroke or Repetitive Motion Injuries

The physical aspect of working on a construction site can be exhausting.It is up to supervisors and managers on these construction sites to ensure that safety protocol is always followed and that employee safety is always kept top of mind.

In the event that you have been injured on the job, it is important to report this injury to your employer as soon as possible.

Talk to an Expert Workers’ Compensation Claim Attorney

You may also be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim and it can be beneficial to speak with an attorney about your rights in doing so.Speaking to an attorney about filing a workers’ compensation claim is the best way to protect yourself.

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