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Common Factory Worker Injuries in New Jersey

Workers in the manufacturing and production sectors are subjected to considerable danger.  New Jersey residents who work in factories, packaging centers and manufacturing facilities face daily risks most of us cannot even fathom.  The processes required to make food, clothes, automobiles, and other products are still dangerous.  If you or a relative are injured or killed at work, you have the right to seek financial compensation.

It does not matter if you were involved in a sudden accident or if the injury is the result of repetitive stress or other workplace activities; New Jersey law permits you to obtain benefits, so the injury suffered at work does not prevent you from making a living.  The challenge lies in finding the best New Jersey attorney to handle your claim.  Hire the wrong lawyer and your rights will not be fully protected, you will not receive the compensation you deserve, and it will take that much longer to return your life to any semblance of normalcy.

Common Factory Worker Injuries: Overexertion and Beyond

Factory assembly lines are inherently dangerous places that pose an array of hazards for workers.  Though those working in different manufacturing businesses have varying duties, they share the common bond of facing considerable risk every single day.  The most common injuries suffered by factory workers include broken bones, burn injuries, musculoskeletal disorders resulting from repetitive motions, hearing loss, vision loss, spinal cord injuries after falls, and illness as a result of toxic exposure.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overexertion is one of the top risks for those who make a living in factories and other manufacturing facilities.  Overexertion has the potential to cause musculoskeletal disorders.  Factory workers are highly susceptible to overexertion due to the nature of their work.  The body must be capable of performing such demanding work for eight hours a day or overexertion will occur.  However, overexertion when lifting or performing another physical task is not the employee’s fault.  This is precisely why overexerted New Jersey workers should meet with an attorney to discuss whether pursuing workers’ compensation benefits is prudent.

Repetitive Motions and Transportation Injuries

As most would guess, a considerable number of injuries suffered in manufacturing facilities are transportation incidents such as accidents with forklifts.  Repetitive motion injuries are also fairly common.  Repeating the same movement over and over again will eventually wear down the body.  Such repetitive actions can cause soft tissue to wear down.  If these tissues endure enough damage, their “cushioning” will decrease, causing pain and a litany of additional health problems.

Fires, Explosions and Body Movements

Fires and explosions are particularly common in factories and other manufacturing/packing facilities.  Fires have the potential to prove deadly when they move to highly combustible and flammable materials throughout the workspace.  Body movement injuries are also common as factory workers tend to bend, reach, twist and even crawl at work.  Some workers are injured after being hit by equipment and objects.  Physical contact with heavy equipment has the potential to crush limbs, result in the total loss of use of body parts and dramatically reduce quality of life.  Some factory employees are also subjected to hazardous chemicals.  In other cases, slips and falls, falling objects, overturned equipment, machine malfunctions and exposure to heat cause factory injuries.

The Aftermath of New Jersey Factory Accidents

The consequences of an injury suffered in a factory have the potential to prove devastating.  An injured factory worker will require immediate medical care.  This care might even be necessary for the ensuing weeks, months, years or indefinitely.  The worst part is the injury might preclude the employee from returning to work and putting food on the table for his family.  If you are injured in a factory or other work environment, it is possible your medical bills and other losses will be covered.  Workers’ compensation laws are on the books to guarantee injured workers are provided with the compensation they deserve when injured at work.  These laws are in place to prevent workers from suing their employer for injuries suffered while working.

Employers throughout New Jersey are forced to purchase workers’ compensation policies.  This way, if an injury occurs at work for any reason directly related to the employee’s workplace activities, workers’ compensation benefits will kick in regardless of employer or employee negligence.  Such benefits are provided to cover the cost of medical expenses including income lost due to permanent, temporary, total or partial disability.  If the worker in question is killed when working, workers’ compensation pays death benefits to that individual’s dependents.

Workers’ compensation protects employees, guaranteeing they have the funds necessary to obtain medical treatment and enjoy a decent standard of living.  However, workers’ compensation does not permit an employee to obtain specific types of compensation typically available for those involved in a personal injury claim.  As an example, compensation will not be provided for injury victims who endure pain and suffering after a workplace accident.

Third-party Personal Injury Lawsuits

The limitations detailed above cause some employees to pursue a third-party personal injury suit.  Such claims can be brought if a party aside from the employer is deemed responsible for the workplace injury.  As an example, if a factory worker is hurt due to machine malfunction or if it is determined a manufacturer of the machine is responsible for a defect that contributed to the accident, it is possible to obtain compensation by suing a third-party.  Third-party claims can be filed in unison with a workers’ compensation claim or a separate claim.  However, in order for the claim to be successful, it must be shown the defendant was unreasonably negligent or the defendant violated a legal duty such as the obligation to provide a safe product.

How a Workers’ Compensation Attorney can Help

The worst thing you can do after a work injury is keep your head down and continue to soldier on.  Do not hesitate to ask for help from a team of proven workers’ compensation attorneys.  Whether your aim is to obtain workers’ compensation benefits or compensation through a third-party suit, you will need an intelligent and experienced workers’ compensation attorney in your corner.  Your attorney will evaluate the idiosyncrasies of your unique case to asses your rights in accordance with workers’ compensation laws.  This is the professional assistance you need in your quest for full benefits.

Your attorney will handle all disputes pertaining to medical treatment, your supposed ability to return to work and other conflicts.  Perhaps most importantly, a savvy workers’ compensation attorney will negotiate with the workers’ compensation insurance provider on your behalf to maximize your compensation.  If the matter is brought to court, you will have an entire legal team on your side to stockpile evidence, present it in a convincing manner and help you receive as much compensation as possible.

Schibell Law is Here to Help all Injured Workers in New Jersey

Those hurt at work or while performing work-related activities should not suffer in silence.  It is not enough to simply report the injury to your boss and move on with life.  You need and deserve workers’ compensation benefits to account for the cost of related medical care, pain, suffering, loss of use, lost wages and other losses.  Our workers’ compensation injury attorneys will zealously advocate on your behalf to maximize your compensation.  Give us a call at 732-774-1000 to learn more about how we can help you obtain justice in the form of compensation for a workplace injury.

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