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Are You Entitled to Compensation as a Result of a Construction Site Injury?

Working in the construction field is physically taxing and inherently dangerous. The brave men and women who work on construction sites put life and limb at risk to make the world a better place for others. Sadly, a serious, life-altering injury is possible for every construction worker. This is precisely why those who work in construction should understand whether they are legally entitled to worker’s compensation.

Workers’ Compensation for Construction Injuries

Construction site workers really are that much more likely to endure injury or even death than others who work in less-dangerous fields. However, there is a question as to what types of injuries qualify for coverage through the workers’ compensation system. If you and your injury satisfy the following criteria, it qualifies as a workers’ compensation injury:

  • You are classified as an employee rather than a contractor.
  • You suffered a bodily injury resulting from an accident.
  • The injury occurred when you were performing work-related duties. If the injury occurred away from work yet is attributable to work-related activity, it still qualifies.

There are specific conditions that have the potential to disqualify construction laborers from obtaining workers’ compensation benefits. These conditions are as follows:

  • The injured individual is classified as either an intern, freelancer or contractor.
  • The injury occurred when performing duties unrelated to work.

An understanding of whether your injury qualifies for workers’ compensation coverage has the potential to save you hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. There is no sense paying for medical bills out of your own pocket when those bills can be covered by the workers’ compensation system. New Jersey’s workers’ compensation benefits are available to help workers rest and recuperate after the injury instead of worrying about the financial hardship resulting from the inability to work.

It must be noted some construction workers are not classified as employees. However, this does not mean these hardworking men and women lack legal recourse in the event of injury. Contractors as well as non-employee workers are empowered to file personal injury lawsuits for injured suffered on-the-job.

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