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Are Distracted Driving Bills Really Helping to Curb the Behavior?

Distracted DrivingAs New Jersey continues to consider another distracted driving bill, it may not be the most appropriate step to take in order to minimize the significant number of distracted driving accidents and fatalities associated with the roadways of New Jersey or any other state. Distracted driving has been an area in the public focus and an area of special interest for legislators for several years now.

Many public awareness campaigns, distracted driving bills, simulations by organizations and police departments, and many other efforts have helped to expose just how dangerous distracted driving can be.

However, the behavior continues to be extremely popular among individuals, even those who shared that they understand how dangerous it can be to text and drive or engage in any kind of distracted driving behavior.

How New Jersey Residents Feel About Distracted Driving Bill

According to a new survey conducted by New Jersey 101.5, 90% of individuals who responded felt that the new distracted driving bill being considered in New Jersey is really more of a grab for money as opposed to safety. Lawmakers have been pushing for tighter distracted driving rules for years already.

The assembly transportation committee in New Jersey has not voted on four bills currently under consideration. However, lawmakers recently heard testimony from experts about the various risks of distracted driving.

Committee Chairman John Wisniewski stated that he wanted to hear the testimony about the dangers and risks of distracted driving before determining whether the restrictions in the New Jersey proposed bills are too broad or too strict.

The testimony explored the insight of a National Transportation Safety Board expert who supported the committee’s potential decision to expand the ban on drivers using hands free and handheld cellphones.

Some of the measures currently under consideration from this proposed bill would:

  • Mandate that driver’s license exams have questions about distracted driving
  • Outlining failing to stay in a lane as reckless under the state’s vehicular homicide statute
  • Establish a taskforce of 9 individuals to recommend regulatory and legislative responses
  • Allow police to issue tickets with $200 to $400 fines for the first offense of distracted driving

One of the problems with distracted driving has been determining appropriate consequences as well as legislation that helps to curb the behavior.

Despite the fact that it has become widespread knowledge that distracted driving can lead to catastrophic injuries and devastating accidents, individuals still perpetuate this behavior across all age groups.

New Jersey’s latest after it has been in response to determining that current laws and educational campaigns simply are not cutting it when it comes to affecting distracted driving behavior. Far too many individuals in New Jersey and in other states have suffered the catastrophic consequences of being involved in a distracted driving accident. Many of them are feeling the repercussions of the accident many years after it occurs and many are unable to ever return to work.

In 2015 more than 35,000 individuals suffered fatal injuries across highways or all over the United States. Nearly 10% of those crashes involved distracted driving in some form or another.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that fatalities associated with distraction related accidents have increased by nearly 9% between 2014 and 2015 alone.

If you have recently been injured in an accident involving distracted driving, you may be entitled to speak with an experienced distracted driving attorney about your rights.

Trying to manage your New Jersey personal injury claim on your own can be a mistake. You may accept the settlement offer that is far less than what you are entitled to without the inside of an experienced attorney. You should never initiate a New Jersey personal injury claim without first speaking to a lawyer.

Get Help from New Jersey’s Car Accident Lawyers

You may be able to recover compensation after speaking with a lawyer and determining the most appropriate course of action. Those individuals who have been severely injured may be eligible to recover compensation to help them pay for their medical bills and allow them to move on with their life.

Given that a distracted driving car accident can have a significant impact on your ability to live your life, you need to speak with an attorney sooner rather than later.

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