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2019 New Jersey Revised Statutes Title 38A – Military and Veterans Law Section 38A:13-1 – Medical care and compensation


Universal Citation: NJ Rev Stat § 38A:13-1 (2019)

38A:13-1. Medical care and compensation


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A member of the organized militia who incurs an injury, disease or disability in the line of duty, and whose claim is approved by the Adjutant General, or his duly appointed representative shall be entitled to the same benefits as are provided in article 2 of chapter 15 of Title 34. If the member incurs death under the same conditions, the dependent members of the family of the deceased, if any, shall be entitled to compensation as provided in article 2 of chapter 15 of Title 34. To the extent that a member or dependent may be entitled to receive federal benefits for particular elements of a claim, the benefits provided pursuant to this section shall be reduced by the amount of the federal benefits paid for each element of a claim.

As used in this chapter “in line of duty” means that the injury, disease, disability or death has been sustained in the discharge of duty, in going to and from that duty, or in responding to, preparing for, or returning from an emergency while under orders from competent authority.

L.1963, c.109; amended by L. 1984, c. 181, s. 27; 1987, c. 217, s. 1.

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